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Since the protection of your privacy is very important to us and we are very sincere with this statement, it is a particularly important concern for us to protect all personal data you have entrusted with us and to keep it as safe as possible.

This document informs you about our handling of your personal data. You will also receive information about how we use cookies and similar technologies, as well as how you can contact us regarding this information to learn more.

This information applies to all platforms we use and content provided - including future ones. If you are a partner, please also read the privacy policy for Siamroom.net Partners.

It is possible that this privacy policy may change from time to time. Either you will then be informed by us. Otherwise, we recommend that you periodically review this article for the current date and read it again if necessary.

The consent to our privacy policy is mandatory in order to use the service Siamroom.net. On the other hand, you can not make any bookings with us.


What kind of personal information does Siamroom.net collect?

Only information will be collected to help us choose the right offer, your contact and address information, financial information such as credit card and account information, and information about the IP port you are using and the language settings. At the moment, only this information is collected and used only to process your booking.


How and why does Siamroom.net use your personal information?

For the sole purpose of maintaining and administering your bookings and to ensure that you receive the best possible service from us, as well as to contact you or notify you of the current promotions and offers, your data will be used by us.


How and to whom we share your data?

Basically, your personal data will be transmitted to the operators of the booked accommodation or services, so that your booking can be completed. In addition, it is possible that various partners or authorities receive part of your data.


How is the data exchange between you and the providers of Siamroom.net used?

Wir unterstützen Sie und den Anbieter beim gegenseitigen Austausch der Informationen und Anfragen über die Unterkunft / Dienstleistung sowie die durchgeführte Buchungen in dem die Kommunikation über Siamroom.net erfolgt.


Mobile devices

Zur Zeit werden keine Apps für mobile Geräte von uns angeboten oder verwendet. Die Website von Siamroom.net verfügt jedoch über s.g. responsible Design und ist in der Lage sich an kleinere Bildschirme (wie z.B. Smartphones) anzupassen.


How do we use the social networks?

Die sozialen Netzwerke werden in Verbindung mit Ihren persönlichen Daten von uns hauptsächlich zur Weiterteilen von Inhalten von Siamroom.net durch Sie verwendet.


What measures are taken by Siamroom.net to protect your personal information from third parties

Den europäischen Datenschutzgesetzen entsprechend, ergreifen wir angemessene Maßnahmen um Ihre persönlichen Daten vor Zugriff und Missbrauch durch Dritte zu schützen. Ihre Kreditkartendaten werden bei uns nicht länger als zehn Tage gespeichert.


Handling personal information of children

Die Nutzung von Siamroom.net ist nur für Personen ab 18 Jahren erlaubt. Persönliche Daten von Kindern und Jugendlichen werden nur im Einverständnis von Eltern oder gesetzlichen Vertretern verarbeitet.


Your ability to control the data transmitted to Siamroom.net

Zu jeder Zeit haben Sie das Recht, von uns gesammelte Ihre persönlichen Daten einzusehen. Sie können eine Übersicht dieser Daten via E-Mail anfordern. Bitte als Betreff „Anfrage der persönlichen Daten“ angeben um den Bearbeitungsvorgang zu beschleunigen. Senden sie bitte die Anfrage an: customer.support(AT)siamroom.net


What type of personal information is collected by Siamroom.net?

Anbei finden sie detaillierte Angaben zu den von uns gesammelten Informationen.


What personal information does Siamroom.net receive from you?

When making the booking on Siamroom.net, you will be asked to provide your address and contact information, your name, the traveler, and possibly the payment information. In addition, you can express personal wishes regarding your stay.

Likewise, when contacting us over the phone or by other means (such as social networking), we may collect some data and, after your stay, you will be asked to write a customer review that could help other customers make their decision.

Also, Siamroom.net collects information about you in other ways. This includes location information from which you visit our website. All this, however, is only used to help you manage your bookings, your personal information and the booking process. This data will not be passed on.

If you leave us a customer review or criticism, or participate in sweepstakes and promotions, leave us information. These are used exclusively internally at Siamroom.net and will not be passed on without your express permission.


The personal information provided by you to third parties

If you make the booking not only in your name, but also for other travelers, we handle, process and protect their personal data as well as yours. Please note that leaving this information to us is your responsibility and leaving this information to us must have been deliberately accepted by the individuals concerned.


The personal information collected by us automatically

Even if you do not make a booking, a lot of data will be collected when you visit and sign up for our website. This includes the IP address you log in to, the time and date of the website, the software used, any hardware, location and language settings, and information about Siamroom.net sub-page clicks and display.


What information do we receive about you from other sources?

We may also receive information from our partners (accommodation or service providers). This is necessary for the management of your booking. Also in the case of disputes with the partners or changes and special requests on your part, our partners can share the data with us. You may pass this information. directly to these partners and they will share them with us. No other data is currently collected in this way, but in the future it may be possible to obtain data from affiliate partners or other sources that we use to manage your booking or to create special offers for you.


Why do we collect and use your personal information?

Your personal data will be used by us only in the following ways and for the following purposes:

1. Reservation. First and foremost, your data will be used to manage and complete your booking. Furthermore, these data will be used to send you offers and services adapted to your wishes. You can voluntarily order or cancel these offers (such as newsletters).

2. Customer support. Your data will also be used by our customer support to provide you with the best possible help.

3. Marketing. Also for marketing purposes your personal information will be used. Below for the optimization of our offers and for sending these offers and information to you. The receipt of these you can order or cancel as you choose. When participating in sweepstakes and promotions, the data required for this purpose will be utilized.

4. Communication. It is possible that we may contact you by phone or email for the purpose of processing your bookings, advice or marketing purposes, depending on the contact information we share with you.

5. Market research. In the future, you may be asked to participate in surveys.

6. Warranty. In order to provide the most reliable and secure service possible and to create a trustworthy environment for our customers - for you and other travelers - as well as for the partners of Siamroom.net, your personal information may be used to investigate and prevent fraud as well as other undesirable or illegal activities. In addition, we can use this data to analyze threats and security measures, including user authentication and accounting transactions. It may therefore happen that we postpone certain bookings for security reasons.

7. Service optimization. Also for analysis in order to improve our services the data will be used. Not only can we improve the quality of service to our customers, but we can also optimize other areas of our business to your advantage.

8. Ratings and Comments. Your reviews and comments can also be used by Siamroom.net to enhance the service offering and quality.

9. Call tracking. Thanks to modern technologies, we are able to identify the phone number you are calling us from and thus your location. This information will only be used to authenticate your peson and only for internal administrative operations related to your booking or customer account.

10. Legal purposes. In very special cases, all data provided to us may be used to resolve conflicts and / or legal issues, as well as to investigate them.


When processing this data, we rely on the following legal foundations:

1. Contract. In order for your booking to be valid and a valid contract to be concluded between Siamroom.net and you, it is necessary to use the data provided by you.

2. Administrative and Marketing. Also, the data is used for administrative and legal purposes - for example, to detect fraudulent activity - as well as for the delivery of offers and vouchers to you via e-mail or newsletter.

3. Approval. For the use of data in marketing your consent is required. This can be revoked by you at any time. However, it is possible that you may no longer be able to use our services after cancellation.


How do we share your personal information with third parties?

Only in certain circumstances, we share your personal information with third parties.

1. Our partners. When booking an accommodation / service we will be required data with our partners (the providers of accommodation or service). This will be your name, address and contact details (of all guests / participants), the number of guests / participants, the date of travel and any special requests you may have made.

2. Third party. No data is shared with other providers except our partners. Data will be used to partners only in connection with a booked accommodation / service with these partners.

3. Providers of payment systems and financial institutions. To complete the payment process when booking, we cooperate with financial institutions and providers of internet payment systems. Only for the single booking and only the necessary data will be exchanged.

4. Authorities. We are obliged, in the event of an investigation by competent authorities in Germany and abroad (including Thailand), to provide the data provided to us to these authorities. This can also happen in the case of an initiative emanating from us or our partners.


How will we use the communication between you and our partner Siamroom.net?

The Siamroom.net website offers you the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our partners (providers of the accommodation / service you have booked). At present, no automated processes are regularly used by us to evaluate this dialog. However, we reserve the right to randomly search for spam and unwanted content.


Use of Siamroom.net on mobile devices

We do not currently offer apps for mobile devices. Thus, such use is limited to calling the mobile version of our website.

Siamroom.net is entitled to the s.g. Use cross-device tracking technology to optimize our services and marketing. This can be done through the use of cookies or in another way. At the o.g. Technology will merge the data from computers, mobile devices and other devices used to connect to Siamroom.net.

To optimize the contents of our newsletter, we record your searches and bookings made by you while you are logged in to our website. To end this, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.


What use does Siamroom.net make of social networks?

We use the social networks on the one hand to market our offers and services, as well as to present the products of our business partners. In addition, these networks are used to support our website.

Integration of social media buttons. The social media buttons were integrated into our website (for example, the "like me" button for Facebook). By using these buttons, you will be sent certain data to the provider of one of these networks. If you are logged in to this social network at the same time, the social media provider can associate this information with your social media account and thus be given the opportunity to use this information and share it with third parties. We can not take responsibility for that. If you have any questions, you must contact the social media provider concerned. In addition, you can contact us via social media through the Siamroom.net social media account. In this case, data such as the generally accessible data in the social network as well as the message you have written are transmitted to us.


Who is responsible for the processing of personal data on Siamroom.net?

Siamroom.net is responsible for the processing of personal data on its website. Siamroom.net is a limited liability limited liability company governed by German law and incorporated in - address see in our impressum. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at customer.support(AT)siamroom.net. We are always there for you in terms of data protection.


Provisions regarding cookies

Various tracking technologies, such as cookies, can be used on our website. This is necessary for various reasons and ensures the functionality of the website and allows the smooth running of the booking processes. Also the use for marketing or for passing on some data to our partners is conceivable.


What are cookies?

The so-called "cookie" is a small appendage of a file that is left when visiting a website on the computer of the guest and serves to identify the visitor - usually to store his preferences and interests. This way, the next time the website is accessed, the visitor will be able to experience a better - customized service.

A distinction is made between session cookies and persistent cookies. The session cookies are only stored until you leave the website. The persistent cookies are stored on the hard disk of the computer for a longer time, but can be deleted by you. In addition, a distinction is made between so-called session cookies and persistent cookies.

In addition, we will be able to use other comparable tracking technologies in the future. This is not the case right now.

All of these technologies are collectively referred to as "cookies" in our cookie policy.


How cookies are used

Cookies are generally used for various purposes. Cookies are used to identify you as the same user on the different subpages of a website or on different websites.

We also use so-called "technical cookies". However, these serve the adaptation of the website, the modules used and the functions according to the needs and wishes of the visitor (user) and are absolutely necessary, so that our website can function correctly and as trouble-free as possible.

Another type of cookie is the functional cookie, which uses the user's preferences and preferences such as language setting, preferred travel destination and type of accommodation (or service) as well as some other aspects of the site's usability.

We also use special cookies for analysis to improve the services for you. However, the information that we receive through these cookies is used completely anonymously and only by our partner companies and for our own purposes - optimizing our platform and our service. This information includes data such as: the sub-pages accessed by the user, referring pages and exit pages, the platform used, e-mails from which you opened the link (usually our newsletter), the location from where the user connects, the time and Date. We may also use other user data for the same purpose or for certain user-optimized advertising campaigns, such as mouse clicks on a particular page, mouse movement, scroll activity, entered search terms, and signed text in various fields ,

It is possible that our partners also use cookies, but this is not our responsibility and if you have any questions, you should contact the appropriate partners. Commercial cookies are currently not used. They are usually used to show third-party advertising to the user and to offer the appropriate price by means of special algorithms.


What options are there for you?

On the website allaboutcookies.org and the help section of your browser, you can learn more about the use and handling of cookies. In the settings of most browsers such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome you can determine which cookies are accepted or rejected. The information about the settings can be found using the help function of your browser.

Please note that with the shutdown of some cookies, our website u.U. could not work properly anymore. Currently no "Do-Not-Track" browser settings are supported. This may change in the future.

1. Advertising. Siamroom.net works exclusively with the online advertising and marketing companies that are members of the NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) or the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) because the organizations' organizations adhere to industry standards and a code of conduct. They provide a disabling feature of interest-based advertising. Also, visit www.networkadvertising.org to identify each NAI member who may have cookies placed on your computer.

In order to deactivate the advertisement of a member of the NAI, a tick should be placed next to the box, which is assigned to the company. On the websites www.youronlinechoices.com or www.youradchoices.com, you can learn how to deactivate interest-based advertising. On mobile devices u.U. in addition, the data transfer is restricted for retargeting purposes. Please note that disabling one vendor does not automatically cause the blockage of other advertisements.

2. Analytics. Similarly, analytic data collection by Google Analytics can be disabled in many browsers (mostly desktop PCs). You can find out how to do this using the help function of the browser. Data collection by Yandex.Metrica (from the search engine YANDEX) can be disabled at the following link: yandex.com. You can also opt out of receiving personalized Yandex advertising. To do this, please go to this page and uncheck the box next to "Consider my preferences".

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the above cookie policy, please send an e-mail to customer.support(AT)siamroom.net. These terms may be adjusted from time to time. Please visit this page regularly to stay up to date.

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